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HALLOWEEN (please do all trick-or-treating here!)

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Nov. 25th, 2013 12:04 pm
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In order to get my candy, you have to do one (or however many you'd like) of four things!
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Pairings TCG Log )
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So now that we've come across another seal I'm guessing we're on Farele's Floor. This bitch can apparently multiply itself. Considering Anders took down that one on the ground single handedly though there's nothing to worry about.

So after that's done you get another key upgrade and go on your merry little way, everything's fine and dandyyyy......

Anders: No! Get out of my head!
Carver: Anders? Anders! Maker, it's like he doesn't even hear me.

... yup just going to pretend that didn't happen and keep going it seems.

Carver: Bloody voices in here. I'm sure of it.
Fenris: Did you hear that?

Yup, nothing that peculiar or concerning about all my party members hearing voices in their heads.

Speaking of voices... Larius is back.

And he starts talking about how Corypheus is waking and calling for "the dark children and the light, any with taint in their blood." Apparently Anders thought he was alone in hearing him but everyone else is starting to hear things too.

Corypheus is an "Emissary", an "awakened" darkspawn capable of thinking and commanding other darkspawn.

Larius "lived but he died", he's been infected with the taint so long that the darkspawn cannot sense him as a human and consider him as one of their own.

Asking where Larius runs off to just results in him saying more cryptic dark shit and running off. Helpful.

So we continue down to the Tower Base... I think there's dinosaurs down here.

Coming across some dwarven corpse...

Anders: That's Legion of the Dead armor. It's a dwarven tradition. Anyone accused of a crime can clear their name if they die fighting darkspawn. I met a girl from the Legion once. Can't remember her name. Seemed awfully good-natured about the whole thing.

First Legionnaire's Journal:
It's ironic. Hearing of Tethras Garen's crime first gave me the courage to confess my own and join the Legion of the Dead. Knowing that a Paragon's son could give in to the same base passions as a mere merchant, commit a murder even fouler than mine...

Yet he was sentenced to die in the Deep Roads for murdering his sister, not even offered the chance at the Legion. I am grateful every day for what the Legion gave me: a family, a purpose, and my name is clear.

So when the Paragon learned that the Carta were responsible for the murder, not his son, I was the first to volunteer to retrieve the prince. It's not right that he should be the only one who doesn't know he's been exonerated.

-- From the journal of Malev Haran, Legion of the Dead

Carver: Tethras. Isn't that Varric's last name? I wonder if this was one of his ancestors or something.

Continuing on we come across another dead dwarf and another journal page...

Second Legionnaire's Journal:

Paragon Garen refuses to give up. We're the eighth Legion unit he's sent after Tethras in the past five years. None dare tell him that after so long alone in the Deep Roads, Tethras is certainly dead. The Paragon insists he will see his heir restored to his rightful place. May the ancestors favor his cause.

We've followed the paths of the other Legionnaires, and so far, we seem to be on the right trail. We're in a section of the Deep Roads that appears to have been altered by human magic, so perhaps we'll find some new clue here. We're going in tomorrow. Ancestors be with us.

-- From the journal of Karles Aratack, Legion of the Dead

Fenris: How can anything live here? What do the darkspawn feed on?
Anders: They don't eat. The taint sustains them.
Fenris: Perfect.
Anders: Ugh... this is much... wetter than I remember the Deep Roads.

Dumat's Ritual Scroll:
(The writing on this ancient parchment is barely legible, but it appears to concern a Rite of Silence.)

Place the offerings on the altar, then kneel before it. With abject humility, head bowed and hands clasped, say:

"These are our offerings, O Lord of Silence."

Anders: We should light those tortures.

Why the hell? Oh fine.

And then we find the Altar of Dumat...

Buuut I don't have all four artifacts so we'll go back there later.

Continuing on we find dinosaurs vs spiders and... another dead dwarf.

Third Legionnaire's Journal

This place is cursed. For ten years, Paragon Garen has been sending Legionnaires to search out our lost heir. Now I know what's become of them.

There's no way out. This is no normal part of the Deep Roads. There's lyrium worked into the walls, into the Stone itself, some kind of human magic. From the outside, it looks like just another tunnel, but walk in and it's a prison. There is no way past the barriers, no way forward, no way back. But the trap remains open to every beast, darkspawn, and dwarf that wanders in.

My brothers in the Legion have died, and I have done my best to lay their spirits to rest in the Stone. I am the last. There will be no one to do the same for me, or for Tethras, if he too was snared by this noose. For you, my prince, I wish you the Stone's blessing. Atrast tunsha. Totarnia amgetol tavash aeduc.

May someone recite the ritual words over your bones and return your spirit to the Stone.

-- From the journal of Bashath Garen, Legion of the Dead

Hawke: A ritual, hmm? Let's take this with us.

So we find the prince's corpse and Hawke proves to be good at bullshitting languistic skills.

Carver: I can't imagine Lothering looking like this.

And for some reason Fenris seems to be particularly antisocial today.

Sacred Urn of Dumat: (I made Fenris pick up the ancient Tevinter blood magic artifact this time because he was being a moody bitch)
(The writing on this ancient parchment is barely legible, but it appears to concern a Rite of Silence.)

Press your palms and forehead to the ground before the altar. Then these words, thrice repeated:

"Gold and jewels, meat and blood. Sacrifices to your hungry heart."

So going back to the altar I've got a few choices... considering I just so happen to be a Blood Mage the choice is clear. Some fire explodes and shit (Hawke didn't even say the magic words) and I guess I got a shiney new accessory called the "Chain of Penitent". Surprisingly none of my companions said anything about me participating in some random blood magic ritual.

Speculations on Kirkwall:

The records say Corypheus has been trapped below the Vimmarks since the days of the Tevinter Imperium. Can it be a coincidence that the darkspawn besiege this area more fiercely than anywhere else on the surface of Thedas? Or that Kirkwall, the closest city, suffers from endless plagues of violence, lunacy, human sacrifice, and blood magic?

If one studies Kirkwall's public records, it becomes hard to deny that some malevolent force has long shaped its history. Could a darkspawn, even a powerful mage, have influence even as it slumbers?

-- From a weathered journal bearing the Grey Wardens' seal

So we continue on and... Anders starts having a fit again.

Anders: Stop! Just make him stop talking! Make him stop!
Fenris: The abomination's hearing voices. How unexpected.

Somehow I think something bad is going to happen... that and I accidentally shut off my game so...

-- to be continued
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So we continue on and we come across some crazy looking guy. Hawke awkwardly waves at him or tells the party to halt or... something.

He asks if we have the key and Hawke just so conveniently has it equipped! Apparently the "key" has something to do with blood magic. "It made the seals. It can destroy them."

Corypheus is like he-who-shall-not-be-named I guess.

This guy wants to show us out but I really don't trust him... So I choose to snark at him.

"Because I always like to follow the advice of tainted, crazy people."

Fenris: Never stopped you before.
Anders: Excuse me?
Fenris: Never mind.

Apparently only Hawke can use the key on the seals, otherwise anything that goes into the fortress can not come out. The only way out is "down and through the heart... down in the depths." Sounds like a cool party.

Anders: Sometimes I almost forget what it means to be a Grey Warden. But that made it hit home...
Anders: I really need to stay out of the deep roads.

Fenris: This is a strange business. I do not like it.

Carver: Is that what happens to Wardens? Freaks. (This is funny because in my other playthrough I made him become a Grey Warden. Sucks for you Carver bb.)

The Wardens' Prison:
The Grey Wardens' prison in the Vimmark Mountains is believed to have been constructed more than a thousand years ago. The original method of construction has been lost to history, but the Warden-Commanders of the Free Marches have maintained the prison's secret through the centuries.

The prison is concealed in a great rift in the Vimmark Mountains, far from any easily-traveled mountain passes. The Wardens themselves have spread rumors of banditry and beasts to prevent explorers from approaching.

The prison consists of a central tower built into the rift with magically-maintained bridges allowing access at different levels. Each level is sealed by a blood magic ritual in which a mage of untainted blood uses his own life essence to create a magical barrier that is permeable from the outside yet impenetrable from within. This one-way access has caused other darkspawn-- and perhaps unwary travelers-- to be caught within the prison's confines. Those who disappear inside never re-emerge.

Carver: Anything lower than Lowtown should just be filled in. The lot of it.
Hawke: Seems a little harsh.
Carver: Really? You like chasing people back down their holes? I'd prefer they never came out in the first place.
Hawke: It's not a choice everyone has.
Carver: If they can't make it, doesn't mean I can't.

And then we come across a green seal. So what am I going to do? I'm going to touch it. Since this place is called "Sashamiri's Floor" I'm assuming this thing is Sashamiri.

Obviously having been the first seal the crazy guy comes back to spout cryptic shit about how the magic has held for 2,000 years. Said crazy guy is apparently Larius a former Commander of the Grey Wardens. He is "dead but never died". Apparently Wardens are not immune to the taint forever and once they start hearing voices they're sent down into the deep roads to die.

Best health plan.

Anders: I'm not listening. I'm not listening...
Fenris: He'll kill us all if he allows this insanity to take him!

After fighting some big Genlock with a giant spikey shield.
Fenris: The ancient Tevinters used shield-walls like that. But it took half a battalion to hold one.

Carver: There's more seals. An enchantment like this, there has to be.
Carver: I felt something when that seal opened. In my... blood? Do you mages feel like that?

Anders: These seals were definitely created through blood magic. Be careful, Hawke. We still don't know what we're dealing with.

Fenris: It seems your blood is special, Hawke. Why am I not surprised?

So now that we're in the tower it looks like we're going to be going down. A lot.

Spirit thing's back.

Malcom's Spirit: I may have left the Circle, but I took a vow. My magic will serve that which is best in me, not that which is most base.
Carver: "That which is best in me." Father used to say that, didn't he? To you and Bethany? She never felt like she could live up to him.
Hawke: I know he would have been proud of her.

And then we come across a vantage point and Fenris asks a question, irritable as ever. The answer seems to be "really fucking deep".

Crown of Dumat:
(The writing on this ancient parchment is barely legible, but it appears to concern a Rite of Silence.)

In reverence, you will approach the altar. Know that you come into the presence of Dumat. With head bowed, say:

"Blessed are you, Dumat, silent and strong, secret and wise. We bring you gifts, sacrifices to your greatness."

Apparently this is some kind of ancient Tevinter crown. I wish I could give it to Fenris.

Another one of daddy's seals, not gonna screencap this one but there's a desire demon in there I can tell from the naked breasts. Also these seals are ridiculously easy to break.

Cutscene time!

Malcom: I've bought our freedom, Leandra. We can go home now, us and the baby. We'll be together. I hope it takes after you, love. I would wish this magic on no one. May they never learn what I've done here.

Carver: Father didn't want a child with magic? He got that one wrong twice over. I guess the Templar's not such a disappointment now.
I like the dialogue options here. Surprising no one I chose the Templars related one.
Hawke: Carver, shouldn't all this make you want to, I don't know, offer a reason for joining the order?
Carver: I have to defend the one moment I stopped waiting and did something?
Hawke: If you wanted to spite me...
Carver: No! See, right there is the problem. For the longest time, I thought it was you, but it wasn't. We spent so long running, and why? Because of magic, the Blight, money, and abuses. Well I'm no mage, I'm no Warden, and you didn't need me. But maybe... maybe there's one thing I can do.

Father believed in a Templar. Why can't I? (cue all of Leena's wibbles)

Hawke: (snarky response) So, I should be proudly angry or something?
Carver: I don't know. I really don't. But I can do something now. Or at least try. Can we just... I want to get this over with.

Someday I will write CarverxMalcom. .. the Templar baby-Carver is named after that is, not... baby-Carver.

Dumat's Sacrificial Dagger:
(The writing on this ancient parchment is barely legible, but it appears to concern a Rite of Silence.)

Raise your face and hands to the skies and speak the words:

"O Dumat! O Lord of Silence! Accept these sacrifices made in your name! Grant us your power, and all that we seek!"

Ancient Tevinter blood ritual... this should be good.

-- to be continued

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So the entire DLC opens up with Cassandra being pissed off and Varric being snarky as usual.

Setting is the Vimmark Wasteland.
Party for the majority of the time is going to be Anders, Fenris, and Carver because I want to bone them all. Also bb brother grew up to be a big strong Templar. Ooh Mr. Carver oooh~

Dwarves Carta are trying to kill Hawke family, they even went so far as to sneak into the chantry to try and get at Carver.

The Carta aren't supposed to be at the Vimmark Mountains, the hideout isn't even marked on any maps.

Coming across slaughtered dwarven caravans;
Hawke: I suppose we should take that as a warning.
Fenris: Aren't we here after dwarves? Why would they kill their own?

Carver: It's the Carta. They've seen us.
Fenris: They'll alert others to our presence!

The Carta are pretty damn excited to see the Hawke brothers. The children of Malcolm Hawke!

"It started with Malcolm, it ends with you." So pretty much they're crazy and want Hawke's blood.

Fenris: Why do the Carta have such a personal interest in you?

Fenris: Now this is unexpected. I thought all dwarves did was drink
Hawke: And Varric not here to respond. Tsk tsk tsk.
Fenris: He's probably drinking.

Carver: The Carta wants to mess with a templar's family? Idiots.

Anders: The Carta should know better than to come after you.

Carver: Did you hear that? They're after us... for our blood... but why!?
Hawke: That's an excellent question.
Fenris: Clearly these dwarves are insane.
Hawke: I'd like to know who this "Corypheus" is. There should be answers here somewhere.

Hawke: And there it is.
Carver: A fortress? Here in the middle of nowhere?

NOTE: This is like some kind of dwarven prison in the middle of the desert built to guard some kind of dark poisonous entity. It makes for some great photo ops.

Carver: I'm a long way from needing money these days. If I wanted to visit the Deep Roads, I'd join the Wardens.

Fenris: You must hate the darkspawn, after what they did to your home.
Carver: Absolutely. And the magic that brought them to this world.
Fenris: Then we're agreed on something.
Hawke: I'm not sure that's healthy.
Carver: For mages, definitely not.

Some Dwarf: Hold off the Brontos! We need the Hawke alive!

Anders: Why can't we ever hunt down normal criminals? The kind that don't worship demons...?

Anders: When I left the Wardens, I sword I'd never spend another minute in the Deep Roads.
Fenris: "Left" sounds like it was a mutual arrangement.
Anders: Fine. I ran away. What's it to you?
Fenris: Ran away from the Circle, ran away from the Wardens... it sounds like a habit.
Anders: Running away from your family, straight to Danarius. Running away from Danarius, straight to Hawke. Maybe we're more alike than you think.

New Setting: Carta Hideout

NOTE: Somewhere in this hideout I ended up killing some guy named Gerav but since I didn't have Varric in my party I didn't get anything but a letter and a ring.

Pamphlet: We have found Carver Hawke in the templar barracks. Take him from there intact and unharmed. The blood of Malcolm Hawke must remain pure. Kill the others if you must. The Great One will reward you richly for your service.

-- In the name of the Master, Corypheus. May he see sunlight again.

Carver: What, even dwarves think they can throw blood magic around now? Why our blood? And what's it to do with father?
Fenris: "The Master, Corypheus..." Clearly these dwarves have found a demon to worship. But why would it seek your blood?
Hawke: I guess we only get that answer from Corypheus.

Letter: The Great One's Key
The Wardens did not guard the key with care. It was left in a repository, with objects of little worth. Trinkets. Dusty Grey Warden trophies. Not even a guard posted. Fools. If only they knew what they had, and had lost.

It will not wake at my touch; it sleeps and its power remains within. The Great One says it requires Malcolm Hawke's blood to awaken it. Only then can its powers set him free.

I will find the heir to the blood and the Great One will reward me. Yes. Let it be soon.

-- From the journal of Rhatigan, leader of the Carta in Kirkwall.

Carver: Is it too much to hope Father was secretly a "key mage?" Because this blood business could get awkward for me.

After taking "Warm Orb"
Anders: Does anyone else hear drumming?

What Corypheus wants, Corypheus gets. And apparently he wants Hawke's ass-- I mean blood. I meant blood. But yeah dwarf bitches be crazy and apparently the Hawke bros are sacrifices to free Corypheus.

So yeah and then after beating the leader of this Carta
(and having fun taking dramatic screencaps) we get some kind of crazy staff thing called "Hawke's Key" and it's got some sweet stats and it has a red jewel in the center. It is also restricted to Hawke. I don't know if it's different for a Warrior/Rogue Hawke or not.

PS: It glowed and Hawke felt ~something inside of him~

Anders: There's... a whole tower down here. I've never seen anything like it.

Fenris: You speak of disliking the deep roads a great deal. Why?
Anders: Besides the obvious, you mean?
Fenris: It is a dangerous place, but less so for a Grey Warden.
Anders: Darkspawn this, darkspawn that. Taint taint taint taint taint. After a while, you just get so tired of it, you know?
Fenri: I... do now.

Anders: So, templar. Is the order everything you wished for? Pithed any good mages lately? That's what you do now, right? It must wear on you, given your lineage. No wonder you're quiet.
Carver: For some reason, my brother cares for you. Be thankful. Understood?
Hawke: Both of you, please.

After solving a puzzle where a shade is locking away a demon...

Shade thing??: I can do nothing about the Wardens' use of demons in this horrid place. But I will have no one say any magic of mine ever released one into the world...
Carver: Who was that? I feel like I know that voice...
Hawke: It sounded like Father, but... how?

The place where the demon was locked away has a skeleton and wall paintings of... idk deer? Antelope?

Priviledged to the Wardens:
All we hear is that this is one of the great Grey Warden secrets. "It must be protected at all costs." As usual, we're most concerned with deceiving our own people. But why hide that the Deep Roads were shaped not only by the dwarves but also by us?

I found records dating back to 1004 TE, the wake of the First Blight. Early Wardens discovered that some darkspawn could think and speak and commanded portions of the horde even after the Archdemon's death. A few could wield magic with the skill of a Tevinter magister, and the Wardens greatly feared them.

It was here, in the Vimmark Mountains, that Warden Sashamiri set her trap to capture and study the greatest of these creatures, the one whom they called Corypheus.

-- From Janeka's research notes

-- to be continued
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SERIES: Angel Sanctuary and character page.
CANON POINT: Post volume 20, so the end of the series.
AGE: ... very very old. Looks to be about mid to late 20's.
APPEARANCE: Uriel, his wings, and his scar.


PERSONALITY: Being the embodiment of the most consistent and solid element Earth Uriel is easily the most fixed of the four elements. Although he is quick to think of solutions to problems, when it comes to habits and world views he is very slow to change and reposition himself to suit others. For example even though Setsuna Mudou, the reincarnation of Alexiel, had stated again and again throughout the series that he was not Alexiel, Uriel continued to call him "Alex". Even when Setsuna corrected him on the matter (albeit rather late in the series) he continued to call him Alex, though to Uriel's credit he did seem to make a conscious effort to try and call him Setsuna once in a while. Otherwise unless he is corrected Uriel will simply do and say whatever he thinks is correct regardless of others' feelings on the matter. This bad habit isn't because of any malice on Uriel's part but is simply because he fails to think very far into the matter. He even gives the name "Doll" to the girl that he created out of an angel's soul and plant matter, not because he thought of her as nothing but an item but because that was simply what she was at the time and he's not exactly creative.

He can be rather blunt at times and will not hesitate to tell others if he thinks they're being stupid or if they are annoying him. His repercussions just come off as gentle and unobtrusive as that is his nature. That is until he runs out of patience and his dangerous temper flares up. While he doesn't lose his cool very often there are those moments where people push him too far and he will almost literally blow up in a very violent matter. These moments are not only few but also very brief as he doesn't like being angry or hurting people. As such he is quick to forgive others, though it's a wonder he doesn't lose his temper more often as he seems to be drawn to the sort of outgoing and loud individuals that could easily irritate anyone. Of course his patience levels are very high being the element of earth and while being around such free spirited individuals he seems to serve as a pillar of stability and support. Of all the elements he is definitely the most reliable and stead-fast, caring for and supporting those he has deemed his companions and living more for their sake than for his.

Admittedly his eagerness to aid Setsuna and his friends is partly born out of guilt and his desire for repentance. Just as he is difficult to anger it is also difficult for him to forgive himself even when those he wrongs have already forgiven him. Having partly caused the angel Alexiel's fall and cursing her reincarnation cycle in a fit of dark jealousy he grew to hate himself and punished himself by tearing out his own vocal chords before withdrawing from heaven altogether. But not even his self-enforced exile was enough punishment to him as he asked Setsuna, Alexiel's reincarnation, to kill him as punishment for his continued jealousy and sins against Alexiel. It is only after Setsuna gives him a shounen hero speech about how his death won't make up for anything that Uriel decides to repent by living and helping Setsuna, but even then he still despises himself for what he did.

Despite the underlying darkness in his heart Uriel is at his core a gentle and caring soul, especially in comparison to the majority of heaven. Unlike most of those in power Uriel is not the sort to manipulate and intimidate others to climb to the top, in fact he has no interest in heaven's political games. He also abhors violence and hurting others which is another root of his self hatred as not only does he suffer from particularly violent anger fits but his job as the Angel of Judgment requires him to execute criminals. He is so disgusted by the idea of harming others in fact that he made for himself a mask that allowed him to execute criminals without hesitation by controlling the darker aspects of his personality.

When not being controlled by his evil masks Uriel has shown a remarkable amount of kindness and sympathy towards others. He shows genuine concern when the body he provided for Katou Yue begins to deteriorate and even tries to take him back to get medical treatment while they're in the middle of a war. In fact he has a tendency to jump to the aid of others without thinking or knowing the entire situation as at one point he tries to aid the injured child-angel Metatron. Even when he learns that Metatron is the twin brother and weakness of their enemy Sandalphon he never so much as raises a hand against him.

Despite Uriel's kind hearted nature he is still relatively withdrawn and anti-social. This is in-part because angels used to fear him for his dark wings and his outbursts. The other reason is because of his own self-loathing and reluctance to associate with others out of fear that he will hurt them. While he holds a certain bond with the other elements he is distant from even them and the only angel who knew of where he disappeared to was Zaphikiel the leader of the rebel organization. Even out of the other three elements only Michael accepted Uriel despite everything, though this was more because he thought his violent outbursts were cool. Otherwise for the longest time Uriel's only companions were his plants and eventually the Doll that he created to serve him in Hades.

ABILITIES: Being one of the four elements and the representative of earth Uriel has a special connection with everything earthy, most especially plant life. Not only can he apparently hear the voices of earth and flora but he like all the elemental angels he is able to call on and manipulate the forces of earth in a variety of ways, from causing an earth quake in his anger to creating living organisms such as human bodies out of plant material.

His most notorious ability however is the Language Power Spell. Having been born as the Angel of Judgment he is able to place this curse upon any soul which upon their death corrupts their cycle of rebirth, cursing them to forever suffer in all of their future lives. This was considered to be the ultimate punishment for fallen angels however it will likely not come into effect in gameverse.

Other abilities include being able to communicate telepathically if his voice projector fails him, manifesting dark wings to fly, enhanced healing, speed, and strength, and proficient melee abilities with the use of his scythe. All in all he is very powerful being one of the highest ranked angels in heaven, however for the sake of powercapping his natural angelic gifts (healing, speed, etc) will only be slightly-above-average.

POSSESSIONS: The clothes on his back as well as a very large scythe which serves as his signature weapon. He is also arriving with a voice projecting device which he wears around his neck which can completely reproduce his original voice by sensing slight vibrations in the throat (I'm not entirely sure how it works but it's magical angel technology.)



While I have no way of knowing whether this device is capable of sending messages to the outside I'm afraid I am out of options. I, Uriel, the guardian element of earth and heaven's judge, am sending a request for assistance to anyone residing in the planes of either heaven or hell.

Somehow it seems I have been forced to participate in some kind of "virtual reality game". The details of how they managed to bring me into this game or where they are holding my physical body are unknown to me. Nor do I know who exactly "they" are, only that escape seems impossible at this moment. Whether or not my status is of any concern to whoever receives this message I believe the situation itself warrants immediate investigation.

P.S. If the possibility of rescue seems unlikely then I request that the elemental Raphael be contacted at once. Please inform him that Doll's energy needs to be restored once every few days.

"Forgive me... I will soon give you a new body, and you can serve me tea once again."

So he had told her when he returned to Hades to find her previous body spent, however... it seemed that receiving another body of her own was the least of Doll's concerns. Even with her soul being temporarily housed in the body of a winged gerbil (so called by him when he made it simply because that was what it resembled) she seemed cheerful as always and brimming with energy. So much in fact that the moment he'd set her down to get to work she scampered off towards the kitchens, and while her actions baffled him he chose to disregard it for now. That is until he heard a loud crashing sound at which point he rushed towards the kitchens in a moment of panic.

"DOLL--!?" He called, stopping himself at the doorway to stare aghast at the small mountain of metal pots and pans. Following the squeaking that answered he crossed the room within seconds to fall to his knees, tossing the pans from the pile with great urgency.

Luckily the little creature appeared shaken but unharmed as she made a small, distressed sound that might have been an apology. With a sigh he reached down to scoop the frightened ball of fur into his hands, holding her to himself gently. "It's alright... I know you were waiting a long time for me to return. I'm sorry." A pang of guilt accompanied that apology. Though he couldn't have possibly returned any sooner than he had he should have taken precautions to ensure that Doll would be comfortable and safe for the time he was gone. Surely he could have taken the time to recharge her body the last time he'd returned here. Even though many more frightening things had plagued his mind at that time, surely he could have remembered to perform such a simple yet important task. If Doll had not been so lucky to find an empty body to reside in when hers failed then her soul might have disappeared forever. The very thought frightened him... even more so than the things that he had seen, the truth that he had learned. The idea of losing Doll...

"Ah...?" Nudged from his thoughts by a wet nose against his chin he glanced down towards those big brown eyes staring up at him. Was she trying to tell him something? "... I am sorry. I should have paid more attention to you." He repeated with a shadow of a smile, letting her climb up to perch on his shoulder before he began to pick up the fallen pans and return them to their rightful places. With this menial task to keep him busy his mind and the comfort of Doll's weight against his neck his mind wandered again. To the far planes of heaven, though not so far now that the realms had combined, where his companions were surely dealing with political and social unrest. And he wondered of Alex-- no, Setsuna Mudou's ultimate fate. Surely he must be happy now, having returned to Assiah to be with his sister. Likely he would never see that boy again... did this mean his debt to Alexiel was finally paid? When he returned Doll to her body, he thought, everything would return to the way it was before.

... or so he wanted to believe. Fate, he'd learned, was a fickle and cruel mistress.
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The following are my current theories as to the existence of Noёl Malebranche, Michèle Malebranche and Hiver Laurant. The songs taken into consideration are from the Roman and Pico Magic Reloaded albums and sources will be noted as much as possible while keeping this relatively legible.

Let us say Noёl is the one REAL thing. She had a brother named Hiver who died digging up jewels and never came home. [Roman: The Cursed Gem]

Noёl is an authoress as credited in [PMR: The Flower within the Cage], whether the entire song is meant to be taken as one of Noёl's works or if the citation at the end refers only to the poem in Michèle's notes is unclear. I am going to be working on the assumption that Michèle is a fabrication of Noёl's as is Hiver Laurant who was inspired by her brother who died.

With this in mind we can assume that the world Hiver and Michèle are in is also a fabrication, however this does not make them any less real or important as Noёl herself is also a fabrication of Revo's. A world within a world within a world basically. It only discounts Noёl's brother as a possible answer to who Hiver Laurant really is.

We can assume that Michèle's story in [PMR: Flower in Cage] is "truth" that Noёl has written. With this in mind we will start with the Attic scene which is touched in both [PMR: Flower in Cage] and [Roman: Attic Story].

For whatever reason Michèle kills 13 boys in the attic (perhaps as a sacrifice?) and afterwards she calls upon Hiver to "be born". The dolls Violette and Hortense are heard calling Michèle "madame" as though she is their master. (More possible evidence to the fact that Michèle was the original owner of the dolls is in [PMR: Attic Girl] which mentions "god in left hand…the devil in right hand".)

This suggests that Hiver is not an existence that is alive at this point, nor do I think he is one of the 13 boys. He is something that exists between life and death as he states in [Roman: the Story of Morning and Night], that he died before being born. He had never been born in order to die so he is a walking contradiction. He existed in a world "between" life and death thus he understands little about either.

It is at this time that Michèle gives Hiver the two dolls and tells him to "be born". Which puts Hiver at a predicament, that is how is he to be born into the world? How is he to exist? What is the meaning of birth? What is the meaning of death? He was never born and he never died, he has no "Roman" but Michèle is telling him to find one.

So naturally he turns to the dolls asking them if there is a "Roman" leading up to his birth. He leaves this question in their hands and sends them off. When they return they both bring back stories that contradict each other. As at the end of [R: Morning and Night] Hiver asks the question "who is lying?" this calls upon the listeners to pick out which of the dolls is telling him the truth of his birth and which of them is lying.

So let's break down their stories, starting with...

Hortense. Her stories are inconsistent with each other and don't seem to form a complete chain, however a couple of these stories are directly related to Hiver.
Flame: A woman gives birth to a stillborn child in winter. This woman places two dolls (laughing Violette and crying Hortense) in the child's cradle.
The Cursed Jewel: Two thieves named Hiver and Laurencin steal a cursed jewel named "Reine Michèle" that is said to have caused the deaths of many. Meanwhile a girl named Noёl mourns the absence of her brother Hiver who died while supposedly digging up this same jewel.
The Crimson Windmill: The story of Laurencin? I am not as familiar with the meaning of this song.
Beautiful Things: Seemingly irrelevant?
The Savant of Twilight: Christopher, the same psychologist in [PMR:Flower in Cage], advises a woman who is unsure as to whether she should carry a child to term (perhaps because there is a chance it would kill her). It is also worth noting that Twilight is the in-between of light and darkness.

Violette. Her stories appear to be firmly connected to each other in a flowing story surrounding the lives of people who at first appear to be unconnected to Hiver.
The Invisible Arm: A man is left in despair after his arm is cut off in battle. His pregnant wife leaves him as he is driven crazy by the need for revenge, however before he can exact his revenge another man (Laurancin) kills the man who took his arm.
The Leash of Stardust: The story of the daughter of the man who lost his arm. He is now reformed however his wife died in child birth and the child's eyes are failing.
The Sculpture of Angel: A man searches for forgiveness after growing to hate (and possibly trying to kill) the child that was born at the expense of his wife's life. (perhaps connected to Savant and 11-message)
The Wine of Joy and Sorrow: The story of Loraine and her love for the man who looked after her family's vineyard. Connected by the wine to the soldier who lost his arm and possibly to Michèle the "Jewel".
The 11-lettered-message: Sang by the same woman who sings "Flame", however it is a direct contradiction in that it states that the mother died while the child lived.

After pouring over both of these collective stories I've come to the conclusion that they're both lying. While Violette's chain of stories makes sense on their own they still contradict with [Roman: Morning and Night], which is the one song I consider to be truthful because it takes place just before Hiver sends the dolls to collect "Romans". That is to say, at this point in the story Hiver may be confused but he isn't yet influenced by the stories that Violette and Hortense tell him.

That isn't to say that there's not some semblance of truth in these stories, but the matter in which the dolls present the stories is false. Hiver is searching for a story that leads to his birth which, once again, he was stated to have never been born. He has no story for them to find, which is why they bring him unrelated stories with the pretense that they are stories leading up to his birth. In fact the only story that even mentions Hiver by name is [R: Cursed Jewel] and given Noёl's presence that is dubious. The line from [R: Flame] was pointed out to me, "does history create books or do books create history?", suggesting that the validity of stories is decided not by the facts but by the storytellers and those who listen to the stories.

There are two different hidden messages. The first hidden message is hinted to in [R: Morning and Night] and reads "please live happily". The second is suggested by the Savant in his song [R: Savant of Twilight] and translates roughly to "please accept your death".

These are two vastly different messages. Hortense's story leads to Hiver's death. Violette's story leads to his life. The dolls are trying to push Hiver into choosing one of the stories, whether or not the stories are truth is irrelevant to the matter at hand.

But why? I'm uncertain as to the motives (actually I'm uncertain as to the whole theory but so far it's the best I've got) but for whatever reason Michèle seems to be behind everything. She is the one who tells Hiver to be born and she is the one to give him the dolls.

When asked why she commited her murders (13 boys, remember?) Christopher states in [PMR: Flower in Cage] that Michèle is looking to escape the cage that she is in, and that we are "in the same cage". The only cage that I can think of that applies to each and every one of us is the cycle of life and death. And for Michèle this cycle is never-ending, as strongly suggested in [PMR: The Game within the Cage] where she appears to be killed over and over again by her step father. She is able to die but she is reborn (or revived?) only to restart the cycle. When she kills those 13 boys she appears to die for good as her body is "dried up like an old woman".

Now I'm taking a lot of liberties with the following scenario but bear with me here.

Michèle sacrificed 13 boys to call upon Hiver Laurant, the man who existed "between" life and death. Giving him those dolls she tells him to find the story of his birth (or his death), and he does so... which forces him into the never ending cycle of life and death.

This leaves his "position" open. Which Michèle tries to take, however something goes wrong and while her spirit leaves her mortal body... it becomes trapped in a jewel. As a jewel she cannot die and she cannot be reborn so in the end she frees herself from the cycle but perhaps not in the way that she had hoped.

Then what happened to Hiver? I have two theories. Either he is still wandering, still searching for his story or...

The song from the live "Winter's Message" suggests that Hiver accepted the woman as his mother and accepted that she brought him into the world... which changes reality, thus condemning that woman to death as he is brought into the world. As I consider Hiver's existence to transcend time itself as well this also means that he eventually grows up to become the same thief that was shown to him in Hortense's story and steal the cursed jewel (Michèle). Whatever happens to him after that I suppose is a mystery, but I find it interesting to note that he is portrayed wearing a red jewel at his collar during the course of Roman. Whether or not this is the same jewel is unclear but if it is then that suggests his time is still nonlinear and he may possibly be repeating himself at this point.

In the end we are left with the message;
"Repeat as many times as you want... until you're connected to your desired horizon..."
It seems to me that the proposed question of this album is not "which story is the right story", but rather "which story will you choose?"

What horizon does Hiver desire, I wonder?
Until he figures this out for himself he will continue searching for his Roman that never existed.

Miscellaneous Notes

Violette and Hortense.

For the audience: Violette on the left, Hortense on the right.

Windmills spin clockwise, right (life) swinging around to left (death). Same as clocks.

For Hiver: Hortense on the left, Violette on the right.

If switching earbuds to reflect this the windmills spin in the opposite direction....

left (death) swinging to right (life)

"I who [died] before being [born]."

ALSO applies to if facing the same direction as a clock face.

Hiver = clock/time? Explains the ticking sounds in Asa to Yoru...


Killed 13 boys, her decomposed corpse was found underneath these bodies.

"Now... come and be born, Hiver."
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